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Real Estate investment opportunity

port labelle, Fl

About Port LaBelle

Port LaBelle is located 1h 40 min. from the South Florida area, 40 min. from the nearest beaches and international airports, and 2h 30 min. away from Orlando and theme parks.

Schools, colleges, small airports within a range of 10 to 20 minutes.

Beaches (Fort Myers, Naples, Cape Coral), shopping centers (Walmart, Home Depot, Target, etc.) are between 15 to 45 min. away.

Port LaBelle is located 1h 40 min. from South Florida, 40 min. from the nearest beaches and airport and 1h 30 min. from Orlando’s amusement parks.

Elementary, middle school, high school and college are 10 to 20 min. away.

Our prices are affordable and there are no association or condominium fees in the area.

New prospective property buyers prefer to purchase new construction homes in growing areas, rather than buying fixer-uppers or previously owned homes in larger cities for double or triple the price.

Construction project

2 properties in Port Labelle 2023


Madison II

3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, garage for 2 cars.


Argosy Cir. Calumet No. 1 (Lot 19)

Argosy Cir. Calumet No. 2 (Lot 20)

Investment opportunity

2 properties at Banyan Village


Madison II

3 rooms

 2 bathrooms

 2 car spaces in garage

Area distribution

Area under air: 143 m²

Garage: 41 m²

Entrance: 5 m²

Total area: 189 m²

All our properties will have:

Design your home

All properties are equipped with the following amenities

The properties come configured with options that can be tailored to your tastes and needs.


Kitchen details

Beautiful cabinets, backsplash and quartz or granite countertops. New kitchen appliances.

Flooring options

Choose from wood style, marble style, vinyl, ceramic, etc.

High ceilings

16' tall vaulted ceiling and 9'4" room.

Large spaces

Inside and outside spacious areas (patios and living areas).

Durable ceilings

Metal or shingles.

Doors & windows

Impact doors and windows.


2 car garage and spacious driveway that holds up to 4 extra cars.

Ahead of times

SMART house

The following are Smart products that can be installed in our homes. These work under voice commands and through the cell phone, being at home or away from home to be able to monitor all movements, simply by downloading the required application, you only need to have wifi connection in the house.

We modernize your home to be accessible through innovative Smart devices.

Development and construction projection


houses were built


houses were built


houses were built


houses were built
Port LaBelle Dreamland

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About Dreamland

We are a company dedicated to the construction of homes and dreams.